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Series: One Piece

Lorenor Zorro - Ferrith
Sanji - Yamiku
Monkey D. Luffy - Ravenic ;)

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this had to find some space here on tumblr. it’s just so fluffy and cute~
source - T.H


this had to find some space here on tumblr. it’s just so fluffy and cute~

source - T.H


New chapter for viewfinder!!!^^ so excited once its scanned^^ still raw. in a couple of days it might come out then^^



New pages of pray in abyss!! (Feeei!)


Series: You’re my loveprize in viewfinder

Asami Ryuichi - NanjoKoji
Takaba Akihito - Ravenic


#takaba #Youre_my_loveprize_in_Viewfinder #Yamane_Ayano #manga


#takaba #Youre_my_loveprize_in_Viewfinder #Yamane_Ayano #manga

proud of my group *-*


Oh! Boss!  It’s the boss

Huh?  Boss——-  Woo ooo ooon(cries like a dog?)

Shut up!  Sorry.  And you’re late. Sorry. You’re being a machine again? So—

♪(hums) What’s the song? Don’t you know Mizuiro no Ame (light blue rain)?

Oops!!! Sorry boss!   Why is there a banana?

From Yoneda Sensei’s twitter 7 June 2014

"Usage of  the banana peel. Since I was told Yashiro’s sense of selecting songs is gay. 

Reprints of NightS have also arrived. It’s a collection of short stories. The three stories are, a mule gets trapped, falling in love with a boy in the next class who likes your best friend, salesmen and a mechanic.”


Looks like her novelty gift note paper arrived together with the reprint of NightS. I’m sure the lucky fans who gets them will be playing around with different versions.. but if it’s me, I’ll take a copy and never use the original.

In the little story Sensei’s doodled on the note paper, Yashiro and Doumeki are so cute. A nice relief when her main story is so up tight… Wonder when we can see them walking down the street without being worried about attacks, but let’s hope peace will come to them soon!

You’re my loveprize in viewfinder -
Chapter 46 with translation *3*



Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai by Yoneda Kou - Chapter 12 spoilers - [edit]

source: weibo

thanks to rlttc for the precious summary  (ノ゜∇゜)ノ

Yashiro being feverish and too weak to walk, and Doumeki being his protective supporting “rock”. The way he looks worried for his boss’s health and the way he calls him out are simply heart-moving. Even if Yashiro’s mind is probably going dizzy and blank ‘cause of the high fever, he knows Doumeki is by his side, ready to catch him… as always. And this makes him extremely happy deep inside, I think  …. Aaaah Yashiro … Isn’t it amazingly beautiful and precious to have someone so caring and devote, who love you unconditionally and who’s willing to stay by your side no matter what? (◡‿◡✿) You’re starting to acknowledge it strongly now, and this makes me sooo happy! Significant changes are in the air at last! *drowning in a pool of joyful tears* 


Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai


takaba akihito